AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition 2017 

A Professional Development Forum

Walter E. Convention Center, Washington, D.C.

Held every October in Washington D.C., the AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition is one of the largest land warfare expositions and professional development forums in the world. The Annual Meeting consists of informative presentations, panel discussions on pertinent military and national security subjects, workshops and more. The three day event also includes over 500 industry and military exhibits and welcomed over 29 000 attendees this year.


Norway was represented with 17 companies and a delegation from the Ministry of Defense and Norwegian Army, lead by National Armaments Director Morten Tiller and Chief of the Norwegian Army, Major General Odin Johannessen.


Here is an overview of events and activities that took place during AUSA week 2017:

Friday October 6:

Annual Dinner Cruise with the Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce and Royal Norwegian Embassy

Sunday October 8:

Army Ten Miler

AUSA Reception, Ambassador's Residence

Monday October 9:

NADIC Annual Meeting of Members

Tuesday October 10:

NADIC dinner at Bobby Vans