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Bramer Group

Founded in 2013, Bramer Group applies its wealth of experiences—rooted in the Defense and National Intelligence Communities with a keen political insight into the Congress and the Executive Branch and leverages it to assist public, private, and nonprofit clients. Bramer Group's boutique firm ensures clients the utmost in confidentiality, integrity, as well as personalized, surgical, and cost effective services. Bramer Group assists clients in framing and presenting their issues and concerns to Congress and federal agencies. By working with clients to jointly develop positions they advocate for on their behalf, Bramer Group gains an intimate understanding of their business operations and their particular needs. This equips them to effectively portray those concerns to federal decision makers. Their extensive experience in the political arena produces a unique understanding of the pressures that influence legislative and regulatory priorities. The commitment to a substantive understanding of each clients’ specific needs, combined with their knowledge of the legislative and regulatory processes, vastly improves the likelihood of success. Bramer Group has considerable expertise managing defense, intelligence and appropriation issues before Congress and the Executive Branch, and is well known to key Capitol Hill policy makers and government officials at all levels

Contact Information:

Address: 122 C St NW Suite 510, Washington, DC 20001

Phone: +1-202-808-8943


Pictured: Don Bramer, Founder and Chairman of Bramer Group

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