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Chemring Nobel 

Chemring Nobel is a Norwegian chemical company with a production facility located outside Oslo. Through 150 years of innovation, dating back to Alfred Nobel, the company thrives to be a leading global producer of specialized energetic materials for both the military and civilian industry. About 95% of the products that are being produced at their production plant are being exported.  Chemring Nobel joined the Chemring Group in 2007 as part of its program to build on and enhance its expertise in

pyrotechnic, pyrophoric, propellant and explosive materials. The company provides the military sector with products such as ammunition, rocket propellants, demolition charges and boosters. The private sector is also supplied with products, ranging from high explosives for oil well perforator charges, detonation cords and shock tubes for the mining industry, to initiation systems for airbags used in cars. 

Chemring Nobel is fully owned by the UK-based Chemring Group PLC, a global company that provides solutions for the highly demanding customer requirements in the defense, security and safety markets. With over 4,000 employees and revenues of more than NOK 7 billion, Chemring has become a world-leading defense company involved in advanced development programs in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia.

Producers of ammunition are focusing more and more on developing insensitive ammunition as a way of reducing the risk involved when handling, storing, transporting and using ammunition. Chemring Nobel is contributing to this development, and is a considered a leading actor on the international market with its stable and safe-to-handle high explosives.

Gun powder and rocket propellant manufacturers also focus on environmental requirements, in addition to increasing safety requirements. Chemring Nobel are continuously focusing on these requirements to help their customers. Needs related to demolition or disposal of different types of ammunition , weapons and equipment , such as mine clearance, is growing and require new solutions. Chemring Nobel can supply customers with products that meet the requirements of this demanding market. Explosives for special components, such as ignition systems, separation and hedging mechanisms, must satisfy the most stringent precision requirements. Chemring Nobel supply materials for manufacturers of such components which provide the desired safety, reliability and efficiency.

Contact Information:  
Chemring Nobel AS
Engenveien 7, N-3475
Saetre, Norway
Tel: +47 32 27 8600
Fax: +47 32 27 8610

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