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NADIC Board of Directors

Peter Sioma_edited.jpg

Chairman of the Board

Pete Sioma


Mr. Sioma has vast experience in defense technology and business. After working 25 years in Hercules Aerospace Inc. (later acquired by Alliant Techsystems), he joined Nammo Inc. in 2004, as Vice President Business Development and Strategic Planner. He later, in 2006, became President and Chief Executive Officer of Nammo Inc. 

Torgrim Jørgensen.jpeg

Board Member

Torgrim Jørgensen

Consultant at Fjord Defense

Mr. Jørgensen served in the Norwegian Armed Forces and was deployed on missions for both NATO and UN forces. Since his days in the Armed Forces, Mr. Jørgensen has been in several managing-positions in both Norway and the US. He is now a Board Member at Fjord Defence and the owner of  Tauri.

NADIC Large png_edited.png

Board Member

Scott Burk

Kongsberg Defense and Aerospace USA

Mr. Scott Burk is currently at Kongsberg Defense and Aerospace USA. 

Eirik Tord Jensen.jpeg


Eirik Tord Jensen

Executive Vice President Land Systems of Kongsberg Defense and Aerospace

Mr. Jensen started out his career in the Norwegian Armed Forces where he stayed for 12 years before moving on to becoming COO in Teleplan Globe. In 2011 he became CEO of Saab Technologies Norway AS, where he stayed for 3,5 years. Mr. Jensen has been at Kongsberg since 2018.

Trygve Sten Gustavsen.jpeg

Board Member

Trygve Sten Gustavsen

President and CEO of Axnes

Mr. Gustavsen started his career out by rising through the ranks of Telenor and Ericsson. After his time at Ericsson, Mr. Gustavsen became CEO of Maritime Communications Partner. Since 2008, Mr Gustavsen has been at Axnes, one of the Hacking 4 Allies companies of 2022/2023, as President and CEO.

Torbjørn Svensgård.jpeg

Board Member

Torbjørn Svensgård

CEO of Norwegian Defense and Security Industries Association (FSi)

Mr. Svensgård has previously served in the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Defence and has been the national representative of Norway to numerous boards and committees in NATO, the Western European Armaments Group and Nordic Armaments Cooperation. Before joining FSi in 2006, he was Director of Thales Norway. Mr. Svensgård is currently serving as the Norwegian representative to NATOs Industrial Advisory Group, among his other roles.

Arne Skjærpe.jpeg

Board Member

Arne Skjaerpe

Vice President UIS Global Business Development and Sales at Teledyne Flir

Mr. Skjaerpe has previously held management positions at companies such as Prox Dynamics, Yara, and Cybrix Group. Mr. Skjaerpe attended the German General Staff College as well as the Norwegian Army Military Academy. Since 2017 Mr. Skjaerpe has been at Teledyne Flir, previously Flir Systems.

Kjell Kringsjå.jpg

Board Member

Kjell Kringsjå

President of Nammo Inc.

Mr. Kringsjå is the President of Nammo Inc. as of March 2022. He has previously spent more than 22 years in Nammo AS in Norway as COO, Senior Vice President Business Development and Executive Vice President. Before his time in Nammo, Mr. Kringsjå was at Simrad Optronics. 

Helge Husby.jpeg

Board Member

Helge Husby

Managing Director at Chemring Nobel

Mr. Husby started his career out at the Norwegian Company Mills. Moving on, Mr. Husby held senior consultant position at Valcon, and later as Nordic Sourcing Director at Alstrom Hydro. Mr. Husby has since been Operations Director at both Lantmännen Unibake and Coca-Cola European Operation. As of 2020, Mr. Husby is at Chemring Nobel.  

NADIC Consultants and Management

Einar Gustafson.png

Director Defense Industry Cooperation

Einar Irgens Gustafson

Royal Norwegian Embassy / Innovation Norway

Mr. Gustafson has spent more than 10 years here in D.C. as an Embassy Liaison for Defense Industry Cooperation at the Royal Norwegian Embassy. During that same period, Mr. Gustafson has also been functioning as a Special Advisor to Innovation Norway, a government-owned company which helps Norwegian entrepreneurs and businesses in their growth. These past three years, Mr. Gustafson has been a Vice Chair at the Defense MoU Attachés Group and Vice President of the Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce, Mid-Atlantic Chapter. He has previously held managerial positions at Kongsberg Maritime, QinetiQ North America, and Bluefin Robotics. Mr. Gustafson long tenure and extensive knowledge of the defense industry in both the US and Norway allows him to skillfully assist trade between the two countries' industry.

Chloe Friberg.jpeg

Director Trade Expansion North-America

Chloe Friberg


Ms. Friberg is the Director of Trade Expansion in North America. In her role she is representing both NADIC and the Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce, Mid-Atlantic Chapter (NACCMA). Ms. Friberg started out as a trainee for the Defense Counselor for Industry Cooperation at the Royal Norwegian Embassy, and later at NADIC. She moved on to being the Advisor of Norwegian-US Cooperation the FSi, the interest organization for the Norwegian Defense and Security industry, for 2 years, before taking on her current role. Ms. Friberg has a Master’s degree in Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Copenhagen Business School, and a Graduate Certificate in International Security, International Relations & Global Studies in Harvard University. Her experience, network and skill make her ready to facilitate defense trade cooperation and business.

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