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Kitron is a Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company established in the 1980’s, with its head office located in Asker, Norway. The company has operations in Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Germany, China and USA. Kitron is one of the leading companies in Scandinavia specializing in the contract manufacturing of goods with electronics content. The company’s core areas of expertise are in the sectors of defense, aerospace, energy, telecoms, industry, medical equipment and offshore/marine. The 1200 Kitron employees produce and deliver anything from fully assembled electronic circuit boards to complete end products for customers on the global market. Related technical services like prototyping, industrialization, material analyzing and test development are also key competencies offered by Kitron.

Kitron’s defense segment consists of three main product divisions: military avionics, military communications and weapon control systems. Kitron offers services throughout the entire value chain.

Dedicated to the customers’ ambitions and needs, Kitron specializes in complex military projects. Programs with both European and US customers have made Kitron an experienced partner within the defense industry cooperation, where areas of special expertise include new product introduction, test development, environmental stress screening (ESS) services, state-of-the-art conformal coating processes, box-build / high-level assembly (HLA), as well as cutting-edge technology transfer and adaptation of new production methods.

Kitron’s customer reference list includes prime contractors such as Lockheed Martin Corporation, BAE Systems, Thales, Kongsberg Protech, Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace, GE Aviation, SAAB Bofors Dynamics, SAAB Underwater Systems, SAAB Transpondertech, SAAB Avitronics and SAAB Training Systems. For example, Kitron manufactures, tests, maintains and repairs the integrated backplane assembly in the F-35 joint strike fighter.

Kitron has separate facilities for manufacturing military applications. However, technology and experience from other market segments within Kitron operations such as telecoms, energy, offshore / marine, medical equipment and other industrial segments are also applied within military communications, command and control systems, missiles and avionics, and training and simulator systems.

Contact Information:
Head quarter: Kitron ASA 
PO Box 97
NO-1375 Billingstad, Norway
Tel:  +47 66 10 00 00
Fax:  +47 67 10 64 61

Visiting address:
Olav Brunborgs vei 4
1396 Billingstad, Norway

U.S. location: Kitron Inc. 
160 JARI Drive, Johnstown
Pennsylvania 15904, USA
Tel: +1 814 619 0523
Fax: +1 814 266 1452

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