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Call for Applications

The Norwegian-American Defense Industry Council (NADIC), the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) and Innovation Norway (IN) are seeking applicants for its new program Launchpad for Innovative Norwegian Companies (LINC). 

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To learn more about LINC, and ask any questions - Join us on Tuesday, May 21 for a 'Ask me Anything' webinar

About LINC

  • LINC is an evolution of the Hacking 4 Allies (H4A) program, which was based largely on adoption of Lean Startup-, Business/Mission Model Canvas-, and Hacking 4 Defense-methodologies. H4A has since 2019 helped more than 25 Norwegian dual-use startups and scale-up companies develop business in Norway, the United States and the broader allied defense and security market place. 

  • LINC offers support tailored to a company’s unique set of needs and ambitions. This is achieved by widening the aperture of U.S. and Norwegian service providers offered through the program, to better address the full cadre of challenges faced by aspiring defense and security companies. 

  • LINC utilizes Team Norway in the U.S., with specific focus on leveraging the ecosystem represented by NADIC and its membership base of Norwegian companies and U.S. service providers. NADIC therefore serves as the main administrator of the LINC program.

  • LINC is funded by FFI and IN, is part of IN’s High Potential Opportunities (HPO) portfolio and aims to serve up to eight (8) companies on an annual basis. 


Norwegian companies with a technology, product or service that is of interest to the Norwegian, U.S. and allied countries’ militaries are encouraged to apply. 

Who Should Apply

What to Expect

An accepted applicant company will be invited to enter the Scope Development & Definition (SDD) program phase. During this non-committal phase, which will last up to four (4) weeks, NADIC, FFI and IN will jointly work with the company to explore its specific needs and ambitions, and then introduce selected U.S. and Norwegian service providers to match these needs. 


The outcome of the SDD phase is a time-limited LINC Scope of Work (SoW). This will define the commitments to the company in terms of U.S. and Norwegian service provider work packages, deliverables and milestones, as well as commitments from the company to pay the program participation fee, allocate adequate resources and undertake necessary travel. 


Following a completed SDD phase, the LINC cohort of companies will start working actively with selected U.S. and Norwegian service providers to execute the LINC SoW, with direct support from NADIC. NADIC support will include participation in a predefined set of trade shows, as part of Team Norway pavilions, as well as monthly check-ins about company progress. 

The Norwegian segment is tailored to make improvements to the baseline value proposition towards Norwegian, U.S. and Allied countries' Armed Forces. 


Each participating company will also work with one or more U.S. service provider(s) for approximately nine (9) months – nominally from September through May – to make progress in several potential areas, including:

1. U.S. defense business culture and innovation methodology - via coaching, mentoring, development of pitch material, and introductions to a curated network of investors, industrial partners, and military problem owners.

2. Legal framework & intellectual property protection - via consultations with specialized legal professionals.

3. Military requirements process - via interaction with the U.S. defense acquisition system.


4. Defense funding mechanisms - through engagement with the U.S. legislative system.

5. Prototyping, demonstrations, and field exercises - through engagement with U.S. military end users.

6. Industrial participation & offsets - by partnering with U.S. defense contractors

Practical Information

Participation fee

NOK 50,000

Value of services in program > NOK 750,000.00

Application deadline

Friday, May 31


Program Schedule (tentative) 

Program duration: August - May 

  • Kick-off Oslo | August 20

  • US Program Week 1 |10-16  October​​

    • LINC Program 10-14 October

    • Optional AUSA tradeshow exhibit/attendance 14-16 October

  • US Program Week 2 | 2-9 April

    • LINC Program 2-5 April

    • Optional SeaAirSpace tradeshow exhibit/attendance 7-9 April 

Identified conferences/expositions:

  • AUSA Tradeshow October 14-16

  • ShotShow January 21-24

  • NADIC Conference April 3 

  • SeaAirSpace April​ 7-9

  • SOF WEEK ​May 5-9


Interested companies can apply here:

How to Apply

Alternatively, if you prefer to apply via email, contact us at

Point of Contacts

Chloe Friberg
Norwegian-American Defense Industry Council

Tore Helland
Senior Advisor
Norwegian Defence Research Establishment

Innovation Norway
Einar Gustafson
Counselor for Defense Industry Cooperation
Royal Norwegian Embassy 

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