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                                                                        the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries and the Finnish defense company Patria. Nammo operates through six business units: Commercial Ammunition, Small and Medium Caliber Ammunition, Large Caliber Ammunition, Shoulder Fired Systems, Aerospace Propulsion, Demil, Sea Safety and Services. Nammo Inc. is the U.S. holding company for the North American activities of the Nammo Group, and has an office in Arlington, Virginia.


Nammo Talley:
Nammo Talley, Inc. designs, develops, and produces propellant-based products in United States. It develops aircrew escape systems, automobile airbag components, submunition dispensing systems, shoulder-launched weapons, and various propellant-loaded devices. The company’s products include extended range munitions, gas generators, rocket motors and weapon systems. It also provides engineering and test services. The company was formerly known as Talley Defense Systems and changed its name to Nammo Talley in August, 2008. The company was founded in 1960 and is based in Mesa, Arizona and has manufacturing facilities in Mississippi and Pennsylvania. As of April 2007, Nammo Talley operates as a subsidiary of Nammo AS.

Nammo Inc.: 
The Nammo Group is a technology-driven aerospace and defense group specializing in high-performance defense and space solutions headquartered in Raufoss, Norway. The company was founded in 1998, based on a merger of three major Nordic defense companies: Celsius AB, Patria Oyj, and Raufoss ASA. The company is owned 50/50 by the Norwegian Government represented by

Nammo Inc. Headquarter: 
2000 N 14th Str. Suite 250
Arlington, VA 22201
Tel: (703) 524-6100

Nammo Talley Headquarter:
4051 N. Higley Road
P.O. Box 34299
Mesa, AZ 85277-4299
Tel: (480) 898-2200

For more information visit:
Nammo Inc. 
Nammo Talley

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