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AUSA Trade Show 2022

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Last week NADIC attended AUSA, the largest land power exposition and professional development forum in North America. With more than 33,000 attendees and 650 exhibitors, the trade show granted invaluable opportunities for Norwegian industry to connect with the U.S. market and showcase our impressive capabilities.

NADIC was joined by 3D Perception, Acapulka, Axnes, DSG Technology, Green Ammo, Kitron, 3D Perception and Nordic Shelter as well as this years Hacking-4-Alies (H4A) 2022/23 cohort. The companies illustrated the great potential of the Norwegian defense industry. Several other NADIC members were also in attendance, including Teledyne FLIR, Nammo and Kongsberg.

Due to a record number of companies joining NADIC, there was great traffic throughout the show and the booth provided a very effective forum for networking and connection. We proudly welcomed delegations from the Norwegian Ministry of Defense, FFI, and the Norwegian Army.

AUSA has proved to be a valuable arena for us, and we have already secured our space for next year. If you would be interested in exhibiting us, please email

For further information on AUSA and the trade show, please follow this link.

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