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Boeing and Nammo test long-rang ramjet artillery round

WASHINGTON D.C. - In collaboration, Boeing and Nammo have test-fired a Ramjet 155 weapon, amid the U.S. Army’s efforts to modernize its long-range precision fire capabilities.

Defense News reported that during the June 28 test at the Andøya Test Center in Norway, the Ramjet 155 was fired from an L39 cannon and its engine successfully ignited, according to a statement from Boeing, an American firm partnered with the Norwegian company to develop and produce boosted artillery projectiles. The engine draws in air to bolster the forward motion of the projectile.

“This is a historic moment for Nammo” said CEO Morten Brandzaeg, “the test results demonstrate that ramjets are viable and can fundamentally change the future of artillery. UK Defense Journal reported the test – with all aspects from cannon firing to the projectile body, fins, and trajectory all functioning perfectly – represents a real technological breakthrough in artillery, and a major success for Boeing, Nammo, and the U.S. Army.

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