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H4A Cohort 2023-2024 has been selected!

Welcome to Hacking 4 Allies!

Maritime Robotics: Specializes in unmanned vehicle systems for sea, land, and air operations.

Henriksen AS: Provides influence sweep solutions for mine countermeasures.

USEA Ocean Data: Offers technology solutions for underwater data collection.

Watch Bird: A low-level face protection against respiratory hazard exposure.

Kongsberg Ferrotech AS: Provides robotic solutions for subsea asset inspection and repair.

North Sea Electronics: Specializes in high-temperature and rugged electronics for harsh environments.

Levato: Provides simulators for tactical decision-making and leadership training.

Pistachio AS CYBR: Offers social engineered attack simulations for cybersecurity training.

About Hacking 4 Allies

Hacking 4 Allies was conceived from the start in 2018 as a true Team Norway program, including the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) and Innovation Norway (IN) as equal program partners. The program is supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy and its Defense Attaché Office in Washington, DC, the Norwegian General Consulate in San Francisco, IN-San Francisco, and the DC-based Norwegian-American Defense Industry Council (NADIC). Hacking 4 Allies has strong support from the Norwegian Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the Norwegian Defence and Security Industries Association (FSi).

Hacking 4 Allies sources problems common to both U.S. and Norwegian national security and defense. The program employs Hacking 4 Defense (H4D) methodology – rooted in Lean Startup- and Business/Mission Model Canvas methodologies by Alexander Osterwalder and Steve Blank – to help Norwegian technology startups and scaleups address these problems in order to discover and realize pathways to deployment. This is achieved through training/coaching, connection with the problem owner/end user, iterative problem-solving techniques, and introductions to relevant investor-, acquisition- and R&D communities in the U.S. and Norway. While the Hacking 4 Allies pilot during 2019-2021 sought solutions in the Special Operations Forces (SOF) field – typically quicker to adopt new (and non-U.S. sourced) technologies – follow-on program cycles have opened up the aperture to be military branch agnostic, and as such covers all aspects of national and allied defense and security.

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