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Memorial Day Parade

This Memorial Day, NADIC had the honor of attending the National Memorial Day Parade hosted by the American Veterans Center (AVC). The annual parade returned to Constitution Avenue in Washington, D.C., bringing together all peoples to celebrate and honor the respect for service and sacrifice in the United States. NADIC extends its gratitude to AVC President Tim Holbert for the invitation, and we are proud of our longstanding participation in this event, spanning approximately ten years. Over the years, NADIC members, the Norwegian Embassy & Defense Attaché office & their families have joined this meaningful occasion.

This year’s parade honored the 80th anniversary of D-Day. Led by surviving heroes of World War II, including D-Day veterans, the event was a powerful reminder of the enduring American ethos of service and sacrifice. Hosted by Anthony Anderson and Joe Buck, the parade featured historical reenactors, active-duty military personnel, marching bands, and veterans from various eras, creating a moving timeline of American history.

For more details and to watch the livestream, visit The American Veterans Center's efforts ensure that the stories of American sacrifice are shared far and wide, encouraging a sense of gratitude and respect for all who have served.

Photos by Margrethe Frøland, Monday, May 27th 2024

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