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“Nordic countries to further strengthen defense and security cooperation”

August 16th, 2022

OSLO, NORWAY - The Nordic Prime Ministers want an even closer cooperation regarding defence and security. Relevant areas for stronger cooperation are air defence, logistics and supply, as well as joint training and exercises. At the top of the agenda was the development of the Nordic cooperation on defence and security in connection with Finland and Sweden's imminent membership of NATO.

"The Finnish and Swedish NATO applications enable us to view Nordic defence in a larger, more binding context. We will cooperate and assist each other as allies in the event of a crisis or war. A united Nordic region in NATO will provide us with a stronger voice in the Alliance, and will give our shared values greater visibility and impact," said Norway's Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (Labor) in a press release.

During the meeting, the Prime Ministers agreed on a joint statement on defence and security. The statement asserts that Nordic defence and security cooperation is to be further developed by building on existing structures, such as the Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDEFCO), but also by realizing the potential in becoming allies in NATO. An overarching aim is that the Nordic region shall be the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030.

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Article reposted from High North News, by Astri Edvardsen

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