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PONE Biometrics names PQShield as partner in launch of biometric security security hardwear solution

Norwegian cyber security company PONE Biometrics has signed a milestone agreement with world-leading post-quantum cryptography company, PQShield, to deliver future-proof cryptographic security solutions to the market by embedding PQC algorithms to its smart card sized hardware solution, OFFPAD, making the device quantum secure.

OSLO, Norway, Dec. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- PONE Biometrics is today proud to announce that it has signed an MoU with PQShield, a global post-quantum cryptography (PQC) company and leader in delivering NIST-approved PQC algorithms to the market. The process was initiated with the goal of embedding PQC algorithms in PONE Biometrics' secure hardware, OFFPAD, to make the device quantum secure.

OFFPAD is a new-generation security device that combines biometrics and post-quantum cryptography for strong authentication, and will be offered to military, government entities, financial institutions and banks to further enhance security and protect against future threats from quantum computers. This feature makes OFFPAD fully compliant with the latest cryptographic standards demanded by governments and international defense partners.

"The risk of cyberattacks is greater than ever. PONE Biometrics will raise the bar for the rest of the industry by embedding post-quantum security by design, offering a hybrid solution of strong, secure access and quantum protection. This is an essential step in setting a completely new standard for cybersecurity that not only keeps data secure today but also safeguards organizations from more sophisticated security threats tomorrow", says PONE Biometrics CEO, Jan-Erik Skaug.

"Cybercrime and technology are evolving at a furious pace. With this agreement, we ensure that OFFPAD is designed to be a foundation to build on safely and continuously, ready to face new security threats such as super-fast quantum computers that are powerful enough to break all traditional encryption", says Skaug.

"PQShield looks forward to a long-term cooperation with PONE Biometrics to offer the most security-conscious and demanding customers the optimal combination of usability and the highest possible security", says PQShield's VP of Sales & Business Development, Alan Grau.

About PONE Biometrics

PONE Biometrics is a Norwegian-based company, founded in 2017 with the aim to commercialize a Norwegian-patented and innovative personal endpoint security product.

PONE Biometrics is a customer driven, research and development, cyber security company, mitigating data breach vulnerabilities with user friendly security keys and services. The product named OFFPAD is a hardware-based architecture solution manufactured in Scandinavia, using a secure element to leverage higher isolation and guarantee security. It provides a fully physically isolated execution environment. We make passwords obsolete and authentication more secure with the OFFPAD, a credit card-sized, biometric, and upgradable device for physical and logical access.


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