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Showcase for Commerce, Johnstown PA

Updated: Aug 17, 2022


Team NADIC was in Johnstown, Pennsylvania last week for the 34th Annual Showcase for Commerce, a nationally renowned business and industry trade show and defense contracting exhibition. The showcase attracts over 100 multi-national, national and regional exhibitions and generates billions of dollars in contracts. Congressmen John Joyce (R-PA) and Congressman JT Thompson (R-PA) were in attendance to offer keynote discussions at the event and celebrate the contracts awarded. Congressman Thompson discussed how the event commanded "innovation, network and results", and the Showcase provides a platform to do that through its impressive network, business and international relationship.

The Kingdom of Denmark and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania entered into a memorandum of understanding to cooperate in areas of energy and defense during the Showcase's press conference. Henrik Bramsen Hahn, the Danish Embassy's deputy chief of mission, said the agreement was a "clear testament to our shared goal of clean energy to strengthen our defense industries". The agreement is a fantastic development for Johnstown business and further highlights its place as a strong leader in international cooperation.

Congratulations to NADIC member Kongsberg, who were awarded a $94 million production contract from the U.S. Marine Corps for its RS6 30mm Remote Weapon Station. “The MADIS program with Kongsberg’s RS6 30mm remote weapon system signifies a powerful lethality capability for the Marine Corps, initiating a new era in U.S. Marine Corps ground-based air defense operations,” said Pål E Bratlie, executive vice president, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace. To read more about the contract, please follow this link.

Finally, JARI President Linda Thomson and CenSec President Klaus Bolving also signed an international cooperations agreement to pursue international opportunities for companies and emerging businesses. The agreement allows JARI, a valued member of NADIC, to build on the already robust and important relationship Johnstown has with Scandinavian companies Kitron and Kongsberg.

For further information on the contracts signed at the Showcase, please visit this link.

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