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Team Norway was in Canada for Canadian Global Affairs Institute’s (CGAI) Annual Defence Procurement

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Team Norway was present in Ottawa at Canadian Global Affairs Institute’s (CGAI) Annual Defence Procurement Conference: Putting Canada on a War Footing.

The one-day conference discussed the current challenges to defence procurement in Canada as the government pursues major capital programs, rebuilding the industrial base, overcoming labour shortage, implementing NORAD modernization, and meeting socio-economic requirements. With discussions surrounding the war in Ukraine and the need to reconstitute the Canadian Armed Forces, it was clear that supply chain issues was serving as the backdrop to the conversation.

Major General Odd-Harald Hagen joined the panel 'Industrial Capacity, Coordination, and Resiliency', proving highly informative comments about Norwegian industrial capacity. He noted how we must prepare for the future fight and stressed how, in light of the war in Ukraine, Norway must work with a sense of urgency to do what must be done to ensure readiness. MG Hagen discussed how "interoperability" is outdated, instead countries must look towards "interchangeability" as we navigate the ever-changing changing geo-political landscape. He warned, however, that we must be cautious when evaluating an on-going war. Instead, countries should remain cognizant of the lessons we are learning from Ukraine and actively apply them to what needs to change for future conflict. MG Hagen concluded that countries must work with allies and partners to strengthen the Western industrial base and shift towards the interchangeability that modern warfare requires.

It was a great few days bridging Team Norway in the U.S. and Canada, and we are excited for further collaboration in the future.

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