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FLIR Systems:
FLIR Systems was founded in 1978 to quickly become the world's largest developer of Thermal Imaging Infrared systems. In late 1980, FLIR Systems expanded its forward-looking infrared systems by developing evermore complex imaging systems. This expansion further strengthened the company’s expertise in sensory and imaging technology as they built upon their support infrastructure that accelerated FLIR’s success in commercial thermal imaging markets, infrared technology, and commercial infrared scanners and cameras.


SeaFLIR 380-HD- An entirely digital full definition system equipped for military fixed wing and helicopter operations. It utilizes its state of the art image stabilizing system and ultra long range imaging performance to capture crisp images in the field.

Ranger HDC- A high definition, cooled long range thermal imaging system with multi-sensor options. Utilized in land-based Military operations. 

Formally known as Proxdynamics

Contact Information:

FLIR Unmanned Aerial Systems AS
Nye Vakås vei 56
NO-1395 Hvalstad

Phone: +47 66 77 91 00
Fax: +47 66 77 91 01

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