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T&G Elektro

T&G Elektro:
T&G Elektro has delivered quality products and solutions since 1955, and has become a leading Norwegian supplier of electrical and fiber optical cable systems. T&G offers a variety of solutions; from micro connectors, PCB connectors and high speed connectors to high power connectors for power supply. The company has been working with Fiber Optics for more than 30 years and is able to offer small patch-cords from stock up to complex AeroSpace harnesses. Today T&G works both as an agent, representative or distributor for different connector, cable and tool manufacturer around the world as well as an assembly house for connectors and an integrated manufacturer of special cable solutions. It offers production of fiber optics from 3 different production sites, connector assembly from 2 sites and cable assembly from 4 sites. Accumulating experience and knowledge about the market, they now offer complete standard solutions with “off the shelf” components, as well as special custom solutions.

T&G provides the defense and security sector with an advanced range of military grade connectors. They design and manufacture cable & harnesses for vehicles, planes and missiles, and have customer references from the leading defense systems manufactures.

T&G has a long and established supplier history in the Telecommunication market, and have delivered standard and specialized product solutions since 1985. Their product portfolio includes patch- cords and boxes, pigtails, adapters, splitting equipment and antenna cables.

Our product portfolio overview:

T&G supplies the offshore- and subsea market with cable systems and connectors, and can deliver market leading technology within a competitive range of components fast and reliable.

In the ESA project T&G will develop, test and qualify fiber optical cable assemblies with European components which shall be suitable for future space missions. The project is one of several partial development projects within ESA for qualification of fiber optical technologies for the next generation of space equipment.

Contact Information:
T&G Elektro AS
Kirkeveien 25B
1363 Høvik, Norway
+47 67 12 90 50

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