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Fieldmade was early in the process of facilitating the printing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the Norwegian national effort to combat Covid-19. Alongside companies such as Aker Solutions and NAMMO, Fieldmade has also contributed to a larger production volume in this effort. As of Monday, 06.04.2020, Fieldmade has set up a NOMAD®02 micro factory at Haakonsvern and trained personnel from MARCSS to meet the Norwegian Armed Forces own need for PPE, as well as support other critical defects in relation to Covid-19. Fieldmade is engaged in a variety of initiatives to support the Norwegian effort against Covid-19. We have been introduced to three critical steps:

#1 PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE) Per. 06.04.2020 – There are over 400 3D printers in operation across Norway, where a handful of volunteers contribute to the “dugnad” for healthcare institutions throughout Norway. One of them is Martin Øyen (Product and Process Engineer - QA / QC, Fieldmade). Hundreds of protection masks are printed around the clock for protection against the Corona virus. This crucial effort is well received and orders have been received on more than 14,000 infection protection masks, of which 10,000 have already been delivered.

# 2 STRYKER- PERSONAL PROTECTION SYSTEM  In collaboration with Akershus University Hospital, Fieldmade has started work on delivering various spare parts components to Stryker PPS systems. Qualified components will be produced in the required number to cover all hospitals in Norway.

# 3 "SPLITTER" FOR RESPIRATORS  Work has also started to produce a "splitter"/”divider” for respiratory systems in order to double the utilization rate where a system can "serve" two people. This case is currently undergoing testing in Spain.

Fieldmade has also started and initiated cooperation with Akerhus University Hospital for the production of other critical material, where Fieldmade initiated the qualification process for the first cases. Fieldmade also seek to work closely with the Royal Norwegian Navy at Haakonsvern (HOS) to understand similar needs from among others Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen. NADIC would like to congratulate Fieldmade for the important and innovative work being done. Thank you for helping the healthcare sector "stay in the fight" against Corona. We look forward to seeing future developments. 

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