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Official House of NADIC Launch

October 15th 2019, NADIC hosted its “House of NADIC” Launch, an incubator initiative geared towards Norwegian SME’s and startups, looking to increase their presence in the United States and catalyze growth and new opportunities.

The Launch included 120 participants from industries, governments, militaries and academia, showcasing the value this initiative brings in creating an important meeting platform across fields and strengthening our bilateral cooperation between Norway and the US.

NADIC is proud to finally open our new office with a stunning view over D.C.

The evening included remarks from H.E ambassador Kåre R. Aas, Mr Morten Brandtzaeg CEO of NAMMO, Mr Eirik Lie President Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace, National Armaments Director Morten Tiller from the Norwegian Ministry of Defense and more! Their presence and support truly highlights the value House of NADIC can bring for Norwegian industry and their international ambitions.

NADIC wants to thank every guest who attended this great evening together with us. And we look forward to a continuously close and friendly partnership in the years to come.

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